Beto López Ayesa
Software engineer | Webmaster
July 1983, Barcelona, Spain  


24 May 2020 Php Ninja
Premium Technical Support Service. Website Repair & Server Maintenance. My legacy after more than 10 years as a full stack website developer & freelancer

airovic Scraping Studio
A crawler and scraping tool on the browser. Auto pilot.

Organic Basket Barcelona
Organic food producers <> real food lovers

Open Source Small projects

Check my Github/natzar account.
  • jQuery Background Resize
  • Semantic UI Hamburger Menu
  • Standart Microframework
  • Less Beautifyer script

Dead & Abandoned Projects

  • FOR SALE - Calma, A live example of a private & paid Social Network
  • FOR SALE - Serieslist
  • Iguana, a wallapop before wallapop
  • KaRapid, a Glovo before Glovo
  • Ephemeral Media, a pinterest before pinterest
  • Egowage. Videogames betting 1 vs 1
  • Portfolios websites for designers
  • Farsalia. An experiment with content
  • Developers Bay. The place to hire developers
  • Bali things to do iPhone interactive Map
  • Electric Car recharging stations map
  • T-shirt designer (now opensourced on github)
  • AIML Virtual Assistant
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