🙋‍♂️ Hi, I'm Beto

I'm a software engineer currently working full time in my own products. That means trying things out and learning on each iteration. The real challenge on trying to bootstrap products is to overcome yourself in terms of knowledge, practice and self control (in case you like to start a lot of things loosing motivation fast, for example).

Previously, I've been working as a full stack developer at SharpLaunch, coding Javascript at Vicens Vives Digital, built digital products for others at 96Levels, disrupted seo tools at Seo Natural, joined some startups Get your honeymoon, Booking Request, Dairo, Magma. and worked for 6 years as 4x4 full stack freelance developer.

Also, I've been nomading for a while (2015-2017, South East Asia, Central Europe... Mostly Bali and Berlin).

Write me betolopezayesa@gmail.com


Prevent Scraping with just css
You have monkey mind
Recruiter! 10 things you are doing wrong


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Indiehackers @natzar
Github @natzar
Twitter @betoayesa

Ideas for more projects

Service PhpNinjaWebsite Repair & server maintenance services
SaaS TravelAgencyFrom here to anywhere
SaaS Things to do. City Agenda.All events (time, date, address)
Plugin jQuery Background ResizejQuery Plugin
SaaS CalmaExclusive Social Network
SaaS Portslist / Bla bla boatUsefull info for travelling the world sailing. Share routes and costs.
SaaS Entertain.meFlash Games
SaaS CintiaTime tracker for warehouses and small fabrics
SaaS RankflixWhat can I watch on netflix*?
SaaS 1,2,3 T-shirtOrder custom t-shirts super easy and fast
SaaS ScrapingBotWeb Scraping tool
Plugin Javascript QR ScannerJavascript Component to read QR codes
Info EXPAT BCNA Barcelona services guide for expats
Plugin A WordPress Plugin
App Instagram Travel. A Browser ExtensionFind photo's location + flights
App May Day AppDistress button for city life
SaaS Mercadillo liveMake money by going to street markets and sell items on facebook.
App Photo unifierFind your duplicated and photos and clean the mess
SaaS Food from farms and producers to your homeEasy to buy eco food directly from producers
Info Web development course + bookGather all development knowledge
* But these are worth nothing without finding first the niche and its people.
* If projects doesn't take off they are sold in marketplaces